Thursday, June 16, 2011

Finally i've found a great time to update

Good evening readers !
Ok, I know I was not really active in writing lately
i'm just too busy and tired to do this stuff
But thanks God I got this time to update my blog*sigh*

So, how I'm gonna start this actually?Emmm
Let just start with my job

At this moment I still working at the call center as telemarketing agent under Telekom Malaysia

Every single day sing a same song start with 'Hello' and then 'Bye, Have a nice day' What the fish !!I'm getting bored already
Not just me even all my colleagues plus with non-stop pressure from boss
just make me and others SICK!! Please understand !

But it's okay since it's my last month, after get the pay we'll chow..
Seeking a fresh new day with another job and no more call center

One thing I can't deny is the call center really taught me well
many things I've learn from it, how to tackle customers,how to work under pressure even how to cheat as

It's really good to be there with basic+allowance, such a good money i made there.

Plus I got many new friends, I'm so happy to be there..thanks TM :)

Another thing is I'm gonna leave this house tomorrow on Friday because I'm  gonna stay with my friend in Batu Caves. No more Selayang after this. I'll miss this house, bro Nazry and two sisters who sell Nasi Lemak at stall which i usually get my dinner.Thanks to y'all.

Actually there's a lot of thing I'd like to share with but got no time,
tomorrow still need to say 'Hi' and 'Bye' 

I guess that's all for the day. Thanks for reading :)