Saturday, December 25, 2010


After a long period of time,
finally I was successfully playing sport in IIUM
wah,hebatnya I felt awesome !!
even it's quite tiring sport ,before that guess what I was playing??
if u read my status on facebook, definitely u know.It's squash !!
not bad for the beginner, insyaAllah will play it next time 

Monday, December 20, 2010

Officially kelas da start

On the second week I guess classes are already started
so, i must prepare myself for this, o yeah!!
Minggu nie Ptptn pom da masuk, dont be too extravagant
ingat taw hafidz!!y'all too 
just wanna say that ,tata readers :))

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Done, malang pula menimpa.haish!

Done with add and drop subjects
done with change stream
i've done
Officially civilian(civil law student) :D
i've tort class today, lecturer I guess ok la
just one hour class
on the same day jugak la summoned by pak Gad,
oh God, malang sungguh
membonceng xpakai helmet
offence no.57 ,lol
then, pgi klas and wait pnye wait no BM class,no LM class
what the fuck, better for me just sleep..ZZzzzz
oh God!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

First day :)

First day of 2nd sem
really lazy to go to those classes even there's no actually
done with my change stream,already submitted the form
waiting 2 days for processing period
hope it'll get done 
tomorrow, i mean today no class at all, uh forget i've UNGS 2040
at engine, considering no class la..haha
but i'll try to get my ass done there
and i still confusing bout class at engineering dept, jauhla and dont know where
engine tue kan such a big building,
hopefully jumpa la :D
gotta go


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sampai :D

reached gombak safely :D
to get here, kinda sucks
sbb tertido, missed stesen Putra, and lost to Shah Alam
but i made it to Gombak, selepas berhempas pulas ,wuaa3
RM10 flew away begitu saje 
pay to taxi driver, cekik darah btol cam haram
around 8, i got my ass here

then,balik2 mahallah office pulak xbukak
so didn't get room key
reluctantly duk bilik sham,
xsampai 1/2 jam take a rest
straight way to JOMHEBOH ,just bought some stuffs
and foods
me likey :D
so now already in Gombak and hope it's start of something 
new and positive , amin.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Goodbye Hometown :'(

Once again, have to leave my hometown
actually I dont give a damn bout hometown, but home actually
even it's really a boring time in here, but I kind of like it
as stay together with my family, usik-usik adik, makan banyak-banyak :)
so then my new semester will start and me carry a mountain hope 
of my parents and me as well 
huh!i'll try my best mama, abah !!
next sem, i'll change my LLb.S to LLb 
meaning i change from shariah to civil
i dont think i can survive in shariah, i want to forget arab
i'm not good enough at it
and i'm done with it
sorry arabic language, i've to dissapoint you , :'(
tonight, 10 pm i'll leave 
and goodbye family, see you soon
friends,lecturers and gombak here i come ,yeahh!!(reluctantly quote)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

No rain today

it wasn't rain today
i mean the whole day compared to yesterday, the day after yesterday, and weeks before that
Such a gloomy sky didn't show itself :D
and i'm still the same, no matter there are rain,snow,drought or whatever whether i still the same
i already forgot bout the result, let bygone be bygone
i accept it as fated
open new book as the new year has begin
forget the past and maybe there's something really wrong i did before
make it as lesson and take note , there must be something important in it.
Bak kata sejarawan ' orang yang melupakan sejarah akan mengulang kembali kesilapan yang dilakukan '

Belajar dari kesilapan ,dan  jangan biarkan kesilapan itu jadi beban tuk anda
take it positively, there must be hikmah behind that ok!!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

it's still fester

just woke up from dream,
straight to kitchen looking for something to eat..laparnyaaa..
then,turn on lappy and play game on facebook-heavennyeeee
for a moment, heaven la
but of course i still suffer of nervous shock,sob3
how i'm gonna live with such pointer, i'm not cool enough to 
through all this pain (drama cket)
see everybody pass all the subject, all i ever want is PASS
not dean list..wuaaaa
so sad of me...haishhh!!
da la tue hafidz, pegi mkn byk sbg symbol of protest..huhu
goodluck for me next sem,SCORE okeiiii!

Monday, December 6, 2010

The day~full of sorrow

Dont know where to start,but quite dissapointed
today, I think y'all knew that. Hmmm~
I really think of pass the exam, just pass..laen2 belakang kira.
but what i got,hampeh..
repeat one paper, pointer like shit
but what can i do now
it's already in past, no more regret Hafidz!!
there's nothing to regret ,we live in present not in past
so keep continue what in present and let the past be the past
I should think positive, no more negative
Hope I can get spirit to study next sem and have more determination to continue
what I start
LLB, here I come with new me maybe :D

Result-Dub dab

can't wait my result at 4 this evening(dub dabx2000)
berkira2 nak repeat??hope not, sisih malaikat 44
I wonder all of you must be this scared, even it's not really
but still have some right??
You know You dont perform very well that's why You start to feel so scared,
am i right?
whatever the result is,just leave it to god or in other word tawakkal je lah :D

Usually, at this moment or maybe a week before the result, people tend to pray, make nazar, fasting and other things.
They passed,they thank god about 2-3 days then stop,
wait for another exam. It's not really nice to doa,solat,puasa only if you have wish and in desperate conditions, you need to do it continuously or what we call istiqamah but I know student nowadays, even me also only do that things during required conditions that need me to do so. 

So,lepas-lepas nie berubah la ye Hafidz and  y'all too ok!
ape-ape pom, goodluck for your result this evening(IIUM only)
for other universities, goodluck too okeii
may god gives u the best result ever, not best pom better,not better pom ok la
ok la, awal gilew I post something arinie, padahal baru post something several hours ago, so wait for my next post ..daaaa

the social network

Recently,ade la I download one movie nie titled 'the social network'
before this I ada suruh member I download coz prob cket ari2,but now da ok and da siap tgok lagi :D
Actually,movie nie is about the journey of Mark Zuckerberg inventing Facebook, problems pertaining that and byk lagi la.. so sape2 x taw cmne Facebook was established, I suggest to watch this.
But overall this story, quite boring.Seriously. Adela certain2 part yang best kot(even not really) tapi ok lah..Citer nie actually flashback and sometimes back to the present times,quite confusing for those who watched, and citer nie mmg xssuai tuk pasangan2 yang hangat bercinta,not romantic .
aktor dan aktres lam citer nie pom not really familiar except justin timberlake.
Durasi citer nie agak panjang mencecah 2 jam dan memang not really interesting story la.

Poster Utama

Sedang dibicara
Aktor2 Utama

Done with the post ,so bagi mereka-mereka yg da tgok citer nie, maybe U have different opinions, so terpulang pada kamu semua la cmne nak menilai, selera manusia bukan sama kan :D

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Start with something new

Today, once again I start to create my new blog after one and after ::
for what??entahlah.
Make new blog, then rasa bosan so, buat yang baru , hope this one will last(paling kurang pun tuk setahun)
This blog, i'll make it as my journal,my diary and ape2 jelah
moga tercapai la cita-cita tue..amin :D
Nothing much to say for today, i'll write more for my next post 
Thanx you for reading-if there's any .lol