Monday, December 6, 2010

Result-Dub dab

can't wait my result at 4 this evening(dub dabx2000)
berkira2 nak repeat??hope not, sisih malaikat 44
I wonder all of you must be this scared, even it's not really
but still have some right??
You know You dont perform very well that's why You start to feel so scared,
am i right?
whatever the result is,just leave it to god or in other word tawakkal je lah :D

Usually, at this moment or maybe a week before the result, people tend to pray, make nazar, fasting and other things.
They passed,they thank god about 2-3 days then stop,
wait for another exam. It's not really nice to doa,solat,puasa only if you have wish and in desperate conditions, you need to do it continuously or what we call istiqamah but I know student nowadays, even me also only do that things during required conditions that need me to do so. 

So,lepas-lepas nie berubah la ye Hafidz and  y'all too ok!
ape-ape pom, goodluck for your result this evening(IIUM only)
for other universities, goodluck too okeii
may god gives u the best result ever, not best pom better,not better pom ok la
ok la, awal gilew I post something arinie, padahal baru post something several hours ago, so wait for my next post ..daaaa

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