Tuesday, December 7, 2010

it's still fester

just woke up from dream,
straight to kitchen looking for something to eat..laparnyaaa..
then,turn on lappy and play game on facebook-heavennyeeee
for a moment, heaven la
but of course i still suffer of nervous shock,sob3
how i'm gonna live with such pointer, i'm not cool enough to 
through all this pain (drama cket)
see everybody pass all the subject, all i ever want is PASS
not dean list..wuaaaa
so sad of me...haishhh!!
da la tue hafidz, pegi mkn byk sbg symbol of protest..huhu
goodluck for me next sem,SCORE okeiiii!


  1. jgn sdey2 piz..evrythm will be fine insyAllah..usaha lagi:)

  2. okei2,thanx kak
    i will,if god willing :D

  3. ak akn sentiasa di belakang kau.. menyokong kau.. huhuhu..