Saturday, February 26, 2011

Happy Birthday for me :)

I'm 21 
lol ,so i can go to the club ,drink liquor and etc
just kidding :)
at the new age ,i hope i can be more matured ,and cool
haha, as my new age came of course there were something happened
both good and bad things
i tell you the good one first , emm
what actually the good things that i got huh ??
let me think..yeah ,i remember it now ,presents ,wishes, and some other things
for my birthday i'd like to potray my special thanks to my friends both old and new ,some other unknown people which i considered as friend and those who are not forget my birthday :)
For this special ocassion,i got bread with 2 candles on top of it ,thanks to yan 
i got shinchan keychain, thanks to farid ,big apple and card, thanks a lot Attia ,it's so tasty ,i'd like to have another one for my next birthday *take note
pillow from Ish ,i'll not tell anyone bout that secret..haha
Mug from tasha and shida ,topman t-shirt,movie,thanks a lot dyana sharif, and bowling with shamira ,thanks to you
..i love all of you guys 
For the bad things ,emm
it's so heavy to tell the story ,but it's just a story right
there's one girl who seems not really satisfied with me, maybe because i've condemn her before ,my bad..and i'm so sorry ,that's all i can say
up to you to accept my apology or not

I got class tomorrow ,need to rest babe ..c ya :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Damn ,starting my post with quite rude word but who cares
I got many awaiting tests and assignments after came back from mid sem break
contract, tort, transac ,bm etc...
it's like water flows never stop .shit !!
but i still as usual ,relax and steady..haha
not really like a law student
Before this i had post something on facebook
relating to someone ,i really hate her..u think u're acting like u're really good
OMG ,u just like a biatch ,perasan chantekk ,pleaseeeeee!!
Perangai cam syaitan ,hish!!really got on my nerves !!
lantak la , do i care , why should i bother myself for bitch like that !!waste of time.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

I'm slowly dying

When I think bout myself
Sometimes feeling of empty 
make me hmmm ,in sorrow
meaningless , even bored
I just hope someone or something
to fill me up with tonnes of happiness
so ,i dont need to feel that anymore
It doesn't mean that I feel bad now (though I always think so)
I still have friends and this blog ,facebook (kinda nerd lol)
It's all I can do ,I'm kinda loser right now..haha
Actually , I'm kinda jealous to my friends :|
I see them happy with their so called wife
I'm kinda like that before ,but it's really long time ago
I just hope they'll be happy ever after ,
and not to forget me too :)
May I'll be blessed to meet my rapunzel
~all of a sudden be so gatal~

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Move on

Yeah ,I should!! I have to move on
Nothing much I could say ,as she's not the one 
but it's ok ,i'm gonna be okay (actually i dont mind it either)
Lantak pi lah..
Now ,I'm bout to find someone new
not like before ,but much better
I should find conscientiously ,not just like pick up
from anywhere
She's hot ,so she's the one
She's cool ,so i've to pick her
I really dont understand my taste at all
at one time I want like this ,but another time I want like that
oh God ,what's goin' on to me ???
I really bother this thing with my life 
but I like it ,xkisah la..
Lelaki mmg camnie suka berubah ,hmm
and i'm one of a kind 
it's not really ok for me for being such asshole
I dont want people to hate me because of my attitude
because of my behaviour
I'll try to change ,but I can't make it now
maybe till I really found someone that suits me better
can fill the emptiness of my soul
can be someone who complete me 
sure, the time will come
and the one will appear
dont worry Hafidz ,sure u can do it ,yeah pretty sure :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I really like this

“The glasses represent sight. In a relationship, there are times when our one desire is to share with the other person. We hope to offer a new perspective. To learn and grow from each other in that way. To show the world.”

“The phone represents hearing. Relationships can’t exist without listening and communication. Sometimes, circumstances prevent people from communicating face to face. That distance greatly effects them. We hear about experiences when what we really want is to live them. Words can only go so far.”

“The umbrella represents touch. The very simple idea of being close enough to touch someone. Physical contact. To be able to hold, cover, protect. These are basic parts of a relationship we hope to fulfill.”

“The scarf represents smell. The intimacy of knowing someones scent is very special. It’s a privilege that isn’t easily shared and is often overlooked.”

“The cup represents taste. More specifically, the cup represents a kiss. And a kiss is the most universal symbol of love and affection. The fact that it describes a first kiss is even more significant.”


No more hope for me ,
I've already surrender :(
I dont think I can succesfully make it 
yeah,maybe I can, but look at her ,hmm
she's not like what i really think of 
totally different
what else I can say ,speechless
She got face ,but quite dissapointed in many ways
snobbish ,heartless ,why in the hell I fell for her
Luckily I got support from many friends of mine
Thanx buddies ,ILYSM
Maybe I'm not yet ready for any relationship ,maybe..
I didn't stress the word not yet ready ok !!lolx
hmm,lately many things had happened
not to me but few friends
I just hope they can through it with all patience and faith inside
dont do fucking stupid things
Only advises I can give it to them
The one who suffered is you not me, U feel the pain but I dont 
Only U know how much it really costs
That's all I can say