Wednesday, February 2, 2011


No more hope for me ,
I've already surrender :(
I dont think I can succesfully make it 
yeah,maybe I can, but look at her ,hmm
she's not like what i really think of 
totally different
what else I can say ,speechless
She got face ,but quite dissapointed in many ways
snobbish ,heartless ,why in the hell I fell for her
Luckily I got support from many friends of mine
Thanx buddies ,ILYSM
Maybe I'm not yet ready for any relationship ,maybe..
I didn't stress the word not yet ready ok !!lolx
hmm,lately many things had happened
not to me but few friends
I just hope they can through it with all patience and faith inside
dont do fucking stupid things
Only advises I can give it to them
The one who suffered is you not me, U feel the pain but I dont 
Only U know how much it really costs
That's all I can say 

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