Saturday, February 12, 2011

I'm slowly dying

When I think bout myself
Sometimes feeling of empty 
make me hmmm ,in sorrow
meaningless , even bored
I just hope someone or something
to fill me up with tonnes of happiness
so ,i dont need to feel that anymore
It doesn't mean that I feel bad now (though I always think so)
I still have friends and this blog ,facebook (kinda nerd lol)
It's all I can do ,I'm kinda loser right now..haha
Actually , I'm kinda jealous to my friends :|
I see them happy with their so called wife
I'm kinda like that before ,but it's really long time ago
I just hope they'll be happy ever after ,
and not to forget me too :)
May I'll be blessed to meet my rapunzel
~all of a sudden be so gatal~

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