Sunday, January 30, 2011


Midbreak already started
yeay, indeed i'm home
feeling of happy and unhappy alternately flow 
through my nerves 
Happy for i'm home ,and got her number ,and texted her ,and she replied
but now she didn't 
maybe at first she just wanted to find someone to chat with
and now, she already found someone...tacing plak..huhu
but i'm ok-perhaps
maybe i've to think more positive
perhaps,she's out of credit ??rite..that's why she didn't reply
i hope so :(

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Aku mahu~

Once - Aku Mau
Kau boleh acuhkan diriku
Dan anggap ku tak ada
Tapi takkan merubah perasaanku
Kuyakin pasti suatu saat
Semua kan terjadi
Kau kan mencintaiku
Dan tak akan pernah melepasku
Aku mau mendampingi dirimu
Aku mau cintai kekuranganmu
Selalu bersedia bahagiakanmu
Apapun terjadi
Kujanjikan aku ada
Kau boleh jauhi diriku
Namun kupercaya
Kau kan mencintaiku
Dan tak akan pernah melepasku
Aku mau mendampingi dirimu
Aku mau cintai kekuranganmu
Aku yang rela terluka
Untuk masa lalu

Sunday, January 23, 2011


It's wrong
what?for me to fall in love
at first,I think it's okay for me to be with her
she's cute and my friend said she's gentle and ok ,not bad
but then, i've found the truth
she's not like what i've been imagine of
and made my heart slowly beats
I like her but it's not ok for me
to fall with wrong girl 
or i'll be regret it and her as well
i know what i'm doing
she's not the one
maybe there are others outta
i'm ok :'(

Saturday, January 22, 2011


it's been a month
i was alone ,no one to text with
call with
but then, i met you ,made my heart beating faster
i know it's still early to say this
but i think i'm fallin' for you,seriously
i try to make it and leave the rest to God
i hope you can be my sunshine ,deeply i hope so :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lama x post

it's been a long time since my last post
actually,kinda busy with assignments(kononnya la)
and many other things
my friend told that i'm not active in blogging which is untrue
just not have really enough time
go to class and back and tired so sleep,haish!!it's really bored
next week tests awaiting ,and can go back
to Terengganu,lama x balik,miss everybody :'(

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Try to make it comfortable

Hello and happy new year once again
it's already late but my eyes still widely open :D
hmmm,today i've my first ILS tutor since i converted from shariah to civil
my class so far so good, got new friends, and all of them are awesome
sume boley masuk la,
but today also i became the only man in the class as my friend didn't came
wuwu, and i was like statue in the class, full of women ,oh shitt!!
naseb baik la ,keadaan terkawal :D
i got few new friends ,of course all girl ,nice and active
tergugat aku kengkadang, need to put more effort and hardwork
need to compete, xkan nk biar jantan kalah, x macho la..
tomorrow got class at 9 ,gtg 
ok la, dont know what else wanna say ,c ya babe !!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy new year babe !

To all my beloved friends,
happy new year ok!
i love y'all
hopefully our dream will come true for real this new year,
azam yang lepas2 tue if not cashed it ,make it real this time ok!!
mudah2an new year comes with new spirit,new determination 
aja2!!go hafidz go!!