Friday, December 21, 2012

Consti test

I got another test today, after finished one yesterday.
Just wish me the best.

will update the blog later on. (:

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hey mid break!

Mid break just officially started for me since i got no class today
Several tests done but still some left. Rasanya ada 4-5 tests lagi yg xsettle. I think it's quite sometime since the last time i update this blog. Actually, i dont have any idea what to do with blog anymore, kinda lost interest.
Maybe after this you can rarely see me writing here, there will be some but when i got mood to do so.

So, what else to update?
Yeah, i'm single and available.
Currently 3rd year in degree of law IIUM
and i'm 22, i'm going 23. Damn, i hate feeling old.

About relationship, before this not so long i used to have this one girl like quite special
she's kind, but quite mystery.
What's the mystery?
Just let it be hidden. Maybe that mystery has made our relationship sunk. Maybe.
Actually, i'm kinda miss her. I want to talk to her, but I just cant. Maybe it's the best for us, for you.

hahaha, what the hell i'm talking about, just forget it.
bye people all around the world. (:

Friday, March 30, 2012


Siapa yang aku rindu?
biarlah aku je yang tahu
andai kau terbaca blog aku, ya! kau lah orang yang aku rindui
aku tak nak luahkan dekat kau, usah tanya kenapa. Aku ada alasan aku sendiri.

Ada benda kita boleh luahkan, tapi tak semua.
kau selalu bilang aku suka tarik tali
yaa,memang aku salah. maaflah. 

tapi tali nampaknya dah terlucut dari genggaman kita berdua
biar tali itu jatuh, dan rindu pasti akan pudar. Aku pasti sama ada kau atau aku.


Tanggungjawab? apa yg aku cuba nak cerita sebenarnya..
saat aku tulis ini semua aku masih tak dapat gambarkan apa yang aku nak potretkan kat blog nie..Emm,
mungkin apa yang aku nak cerita ada kaitan dengan seseorang yang rapat denganku

jadi siapa yang perlu bertanggungjawab?
kita masing-masing ada kita punya tanggungjawab, sebagai anak,ibu,bapa,pelajar,ketua,pekerja pendek kata
semua kena bertanggungjawab untuk mereka yang di bawah.

ini bukan ceramah agama atau kuliah jumaat or whatsoever
cuma muqaddimah untuk apa yang aku bakal nukilkan.

Seorang bapa sepatutnya bertanggungjawab ke atas anaknya even dia sudah tidak lagi bersama dgn ibu kpd anaknya itu. Hubungan suami isteri boleh terputus, tapi tidak anak beranak. Nafkah masih perlu dibayar untuk anak dan isteri, dan katakan isteri sudah berkahwin masih lagi ada anak yg perlu ditanggung. Don't be selfish!
Kau ada anak, kau kena ingat tanggungjawab kau. Aku pernah bekerja di satu kedai bersama seorang lelaki lingkungan 40-an, pelajarannya tidak lah tinggi hanya sekadar kuli di kedai makan bersama aku. Perwatakannya baik, ayah kepada 3 orang anak yang masih kecil. Namun orangnya gigih bekerja, walau gajinya seciput, dan taukenya kedekut, aku pun menerima nasib yang sama, lupakan pasal aku..apa yang aku nak sampaikan seorang bapa harus pikul tanggungjawab bukan melepaskannya! Anak-anak tetap darah daging kau, kau mesti taknak dipersoalkan di akhirat tentang tanggungjawab kau kan?

Aku bukan marah, cuma mengingatkan tapi sedikit kecewa jika seorang bapa bersikap sebegini rupa. Ingatlah wahai kaum bapa, anda adalah ketua keluarga dan tanggungjawab anda BESAR!

Thursday, March 29, 2012


sekarang musim cuti, xde la musim, uni aku je kot yg cuti, tapi da nk abes da pom just few more days.
Spnjng cuti x byk bnda aku buat, slain on9, tido lmbt,bgun lmbt, tgok tv. Rutin sama berulang tiap2 hari. Adalah sekali aku buka buku Testacy in Malaysia tu, tpi sejam je la then lari tah kmana. Mmg mlas giler kalau duk rumah, haih. pdahal byk assgnmnt mnunggu, test lagi, tpi still mlas. Mmg ak xprnah blaja dari ksilapan, mngkin ada yg mcm aku kan?

Sabtu nie da nk balik uni, hrap2 ak brtmbah rjin, korg pom camtue la hndaknya. Kita masuk U nk dpt degree jdi owg pndai, bkn nk tdo hbeskan duit je..Enjoy mmg enjoy, tpi study must come first. 

aku pom mcm tak taw apa aku tulis nie, da boring sgt kot. haha.
so, until we meet again .bye.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Good Morning

Good morning everyone!
and for real it's 7.20 a.m in the morning
and i woke up so early and i'm already showered 
but i still feel little bit sleepy..but nvm

okey, so what i'm gonna do today?
nothing much i think,
but for this entry i'm gonna upload some pictures
(last sem pictures)

so guys, feel free to watch it!

With Ustazah Ramizah in ICL class.

I think one picture is enough coz i've to buy breakfast..okay, see ya!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Papa I Love U vs Songlap

okay, so what's up everyone?
actually i just feel like writing something so i put it into blog
and i don't even know what i'm trying to write here..
let's see..

so,what happened today?
wake up late as usual, breakfast,download,watching movies, and friday prayer.and eat again..OMG, i'm bored.

and seems like i don't have something to tell, so i'm gonna talk about two malay movies that i just watched 'Papa I love U' and 'Songlap' 
I think 'Papa I love U' way more better than 'Songlap' because

1)It has clearer storyboard
2)Acting was good
3)Moral of the story understandable
4)Easy to understand and not complex

Basically this story potrays father's affection to his daughter. The father even though has no job but he put every effort to raise his lovely daughter. Basically it's such a sweet story, though it's just low budget film but it's good.

Compared to Songlap..This story sucks.

Yeah, i can understand about human trafficking that u really wanna tell but the way and storyboard sucks. How come one prostitution place just managed by one person?No bonzer?How come one person with helmet can enter someone else's port and kill someone while others run away?Where's the gangsterism? Even though it's just a low budget film but you can do way more better. Pleaseee..My advice, u should do a lot of research before doing one film, just not solely depends on logic. Yeah, it's acceptable but research way more important.

Haha, actually i don't have any clue what i've write..
Go and read it dear readers..
I think that's all ..bye (:

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I'm a lil bit bored

okay friends,
i'm a lil bit bored
I don't have things to do, enough friends to loiter around
enough money to spend on..
these things drive me crazy britney's

ok, enough with that crap..
final exam finished and i'm officially done with my 2 year 1st sem..
yipii..but still tonnes of things waiting..malas betol..

so for these hols, i guess i'm gonna spend it on  watching movies, hik2..
TV series..esp korean..even though i'm not so into korean things but the girls ..marvellous..i love to see their cute face..and their nice body too (pervert)

and maybe i've plan to go to somewhere, just wait and see..

Until we meet again, see ya..

Sunday, January 8, 2012

I'm back readers

Hye everyone,
It's been a while since my last writing emm,let me recall
i think since midsem break
just forget bout it.
Since i feel like to write something which i don't know what
i'd like to share some of my new favourite songs, i'm just love to listen em'

These three songs really awesome..Romantic, dramatic and cute too (:
If have time, feel free to listen.
Ok,that's just ancillary thing..

Now is exam period, 29 Dec-14 Jan 2012
My papers are already started and now i'm in 9 days break since 1 happy.

Next: Islamic Criminal Law and Criminal as well as Malaysia Legal System (Repeat) lol
They're killer subjects but i know i can do it well, yeah i'm confidence. Just pray for me okayy (:
Emm, what else?Home? okay, i'll be home on 14 or 15 i guess but still don't buy the ticket. Hope it'll available.

I think that's all, just hoping you readers will pray for my success in final exam. Wish me luck okayy!

before that i want to tell you something, last week i watched 'Ombak Rindu' and it such a sad story though. There's some part that almost make me cry but i managed to hold it.haha..
Can't you see this kind of romantic movie actually has their own class, that's why more than RM 10 millions succesfully collected from this movie, yeah maybe because of the main characters are so famous (Aaron Aziz, Maya Karin and Lisa Surihani) but if the story board isn't good enough 'Ombak Rindu can go nowhere seriously. 
P/s: Maya karin is so adorable..i love her..(pervert)

okayy,so that's all's time to do something else, see ya again..before that listen to OST Ombak Rindu-Hafiz and Adira. (Adira is cute too)lol. Enjoy~

see ya..