Saturday, January 21, 2012

Papa I Love U vs Songlap

okay, so what's up everyone?
actually i just feel like writing something so i put it into blog
and i don't even know what i'm trying to write here..
let's see..

so,what happened today?
wake up late as usual, breakfast,download,watching movies, and friday prayer.and eat again..OMG, i'm bored.

and seems like i don't have something to tell, so i'm gonna talk about two malay movies that i just watched 'Papa I love U' and 'Songlap' 
I think 'Papa I love U' way more better than 'Songlap' because

1)It has clearer storyboard
2)Acting was good
3)Moral of the story understandable
4)Easy to understand and not complex

Basically this story potrays father's affection to his daughter. The father even though has no job but he put every effort to raise his lovely daughter. Basically it's such a sweet story, though it's just low budget film but it's good.

Compared to Songlap..This story sucks.

Yeah, i can understand about human trafficking that u really wanna tell but the way and storyboard sucks. How come one prostitution place just managed by one person?No bonzer?How come one person with helmet can enter someone else's port and kill someone while others run away?Where's the gangsterism? Even though it's just a low budget film but you can do way more better. Pleaseee..My advice, u should do a lot of research before doing one film, just not solely depends on logic. Yeah, it's acceptable but research way more important.

Haha, actually i don't have any clue what i've write..
Go and read it dear readers..
I think that's all ..bye (:

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