Saturday, April 30, 2011


Goodbye Hometown
Ohh before i forget my ticket on 10pm tonight
and i'm sure you guys know where I'll heading to

Nothing much to say, just wish me safe in my journey k..
C ya~

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Actually, i don't have any idea to write something
but all of a sudden this word come across my mind
so, i'm gonna write something bout it. You wanna call me 'jiwang'
or whatever ?i'm cool.lalalalala~

what is love?can we defines love?
Hmm, actually it has various definition, in various context
one defines love is different from the others
it covers many aspects
and if i wanna talk about it deeply, my age doesn't enough to cover that thing

You can see many quotations,books,journals and whatsoever
that discuss about love. But most of it referring to love between a man and woman.

Lot of sayings you can find in the internet
such as :

'We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly. '

'Love is giving someone the power to destroy you...but trusting them not to. '

'Last night I looked up and matched each star with a reason why I love you; I was doing great, until I ran out of stars.'

There are many of em' that you'll discover later.

Why on earth i give a damn to write all this things?

Maybe because i'm in love and I just want to share my happiness, my feeling
to others, yeah I think that is the point.

I've mentioned name of the girl that I'm in love with right?
so, today i just want to share something bout my feeling since I met her.

We both in the same course 'Laws' and we're from Nilai foundation. But we never meet each other in Nilai. I don't know her and her as well. So, nothing happened in Nilai.

So, we just straight to IIUM Gombak. Our first sem, i didn't really remember..
as i'm in different stream. Maybe i've recognized her face and know she's a law student but never ever know her name. Yeah,not interested maybe cos my memories with my ex is still there. Cut about ex things.
Back to the story, it started in 2nd sem when we both have several subjects together.From that moment, I knew her name, and able to recognize if we meet somewhere.
But we're not that close, just as classmate. The moment that we started to close was in BMP class~
I'm kinda 'gila2' person so easy to get close with anyone.
From that moment we started to comment each other in Facebook, actually me.haha~Just for fun..:)
Later we chat each other~also for fun
and I found she's kinda can get along person
nice to be friend with you (at that moment la)

Then we've mock trial together
so,more close. But not really close la :) you know, biasa2 jelah.

Then we done with our exam, but there's no feeling at all from that moment
My mind said 'Nak try kan takot da ad boyfrend'
so, i just set aside that thing

So, now we enter into most crucial part..haha
actually, it started on FB..we chat each other, like I said before
really comfortable to chat with, maybe coz we share the same

I don't know all of a sudden I felt to ask her number. and I asked.
Got both her numbers. I started to text her.and it was positive.:)
Her boyfriend?I guess dont

Since then, I'm falling.Awwww~
We started to know each other better
we found some similarities in each other
and texting each other all day long.
It's so heaven.
From 'like' it became 'love'
and now lover.
Maybe it's quite fast, but we can't help the feeling
of falling into the sweetness of love.
Just pray for us to be happy together :)

Love ya always

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Just a few more days.

It's already tuesday 
only few more days before I leave my hometown, my village
my family...sob3~
yeah, as you already know I got offer from Star Solution 
and I'm gonna take that offer and start working on 3rd May

But the problem is, I still can't find any place to stay.Damn.
I'm looking forward a house or room maybe in Damansara or Sungai Buloh,
even Gombak also doesn't be a matter for me.I'm cool.

So, anybody got idea to solve my problem ??help me~ -___-'

What else ya,
Actually, I want to share some good news and behind the good
must be kinda not really good news to be inserted.

The good is I found a girl who at first just my classmate but later turned to be
my soulmate, isn't it romantic? nope?ok.Fine.
Her name is Susilawati bin Salleh.A girl of course, and a real girl :)

other info?hmm.That's all la, not necessarily to tell the whole damn story here ok..:)

About the so called not a good story behind that is, I don't really understand why people should be jealous?or create some not nice story about me till it almost ruins my relationship.Damn bitch.

Could you please shut up!and just pray for my happiness?can't you?
Why on earth people like you exist.Shit!

You just spoil my mood. Fuck off!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Some tips to you guys !

I picked it up from some article and wanna share it with u guys. One of the thing that woman need in man, you know what?Read it :D
     Most guys don't appreciate being a man.
     What do I mean by that? Well, we're attracted to women, but we'd
rather be "picked up" and have the women do all the work.
     Wouldn't it be easier if girls approached us, tried to seduce us and take
us home?
      That's the mindset that many guys (myself included) feel from time to
time and it's a very unattractive mentality to have. Here's why:
      "You can either resent being a man or EMBRACE IT"
     What is being a man?
     - It's being a provider
     - It's being strong & dominant
     - It's being sexually attracted to females
     and most importantly, and the one that I want to talk about today,
     - It's being a LEADER
     Yes, you can either resent having to make all the decisions in the
relationship OR you can embrace it, see it as a gift and a privilege.
Sometimes being a man sucks, but it's a pretty damn good thing
most of the time.
     Think about it, YOU get to make all the decisions, YOU
get to do what you want, YOU LEAD.
     When you were little, if you were raised with any siblings, it's
likely that your mother thought you to ask what others want before
doing anything.
     "Did I give you permission to do that?!"
     "Ask your sister what she wants for dinner"
     "Ask your dad what he wants"
     Even with our friends, we'd ask among ourselves...
"Ok, what does everyone want to do?"
     Our entire childhood was based around asking what everyone
else wanted to do before we did anything else.
     You know what? That's a GOOD thing. That's the reason why we
can be friends, because as men, we NEED to listen to other men in
order to co-exist. Otherwise, if all men were leading all the time...
well, we'd have a lot of conflict.
     What we NEVER LEARNED (but should have!) is that women
are naturally more submissive and WANT MEN TO LEAD THEM.
     This means driving the car, all the time.
     This means making the decisions, all the time.
     There are times (many in fact, where you will be wrong about
something, just admit to it. Leading does not mean "doing it your way
all the time", it simply means that you'll take initiative and always lead
the couple in the direction that you know best )
     Ultimately, you need to be the man, all the time.
     Now you can either think: "Oh wow, that's hard, I don't want to
decide all the time" or like I previously said, you can embrace it and
realize it's one of the biggest gifts you have as a man: "Sweet! I get to
decide what we do.. like all the time?!!? Awesome!"
     Now you can be selfish as a leader but I don't recommend it
because it won't work long term. Instead, a good leader will make
sure that he's aware of what everyone wants, needs, desires and
will choose in consequence to make everyone, including himself, happy.
     Because I like examples, here's one:
     1. If you're walking around on a first date, you might figure out when
the last time she ate, what kind of food she likes, if she has any
allergies, etc. Then, based on this information and your own
personal preference, you'll be well equipped to lead and say:
     "Oh, I know this great Mexican place around the corner,
let's go have a quick bite"
      You now lead the way as a man, and she'll love you for it because
you already found out that she's Ok with Mexican food and that she's a
little hungry herself. Great leaders (and men) always consider what others
want, and then make the best decisions for everyone involved, even
when they are hard decisions to make.
     "I'm hungry, let's go eat at a restaurant... I don't know which
one, let's just see what happens"
     This isn't bad, but this isn't exactly leading with a clear destination
in mind, it's just meandering around like a river without a destination.
     "Let's go have sushi!" (when she hates seafood) and then insist on
going to your choice of restaurant.
     "So, are you hungry? Do you want to go eat? Ok, Where do you
want to go eat? I'll eat anything, I don't care, where do YOU want to go?"
     If you do this, you're acting like a wussy.
     Leading applies to so much more than just deciding where to go
or what to do. It means telling a girl what you want truthfully and honestly,
it means escalating, it means taking her hand and leading her somewhere.
     If you could do anything and have no chance of failure, what would you do?
     As a man, that's your reality.
     Embrace it.
     You'll be proud of yourself as a man, and women will love you for it.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


What does friend really mean to you?
just to keep you company when you want to eat?the one who is your roommate? or people who you go and back from class together?

I dont think many of us still dont get the real meaning of FRIEND . So,i'm here to explain the thing that really complicated based on my broad experiences(just joking)lol

I'm not a lecturer or phsychologist or whatever elite profession related, but just a friend and want to write something that i know.And i'd like to share it with my readers :)

First, let all of us be surprised at what a dictionary says about what a friend really is:
1. A person whom one knows, likes, and trusts.
2. A person whom one knows; an acquaintance.
3. A person with whom one is allied in a struggle or cause; a comrade.
4. One who supports, sympathizes with, or patronizes a group, cause, or movement: friends of the clean air movement.
5. Friend - A member of the Society of Friends; a Quaker.
How many people that seem to be close to us, are we able to really trust?  Even the closest of friends, that we have had friendships with, for decades, have secrets hidden from us, that many are afraid to admit, because they know that they will loose contact with us, should be those secrets be revealed.

 I once have a friend, a really good friend but I think it turned out to be enemy(not really) right now. We didn't talk for a long time, dont text each other, dont call, and we kinda lost contact. I don't know where the mistake is?who should i blame?me or her? And it's happened due to some kind of big problem.not necessarily to mention it here.

I dont want to exaggerate or talk more about this, probably she'll read this too :|

But, basically what I can say here is everybody have their own word to define FRIEND
Some will define it on their own way of life, thinking.
Some may define it through their own perspective, it's free.No limitation.

But here,lemme give my own definition, what i think based on my observation,experience and other things related, i can say that friend is someone or something (not necessarily people )that really close and maybe with or without any blood relationship.They're the one we believe and put enough trust to tell something, share something, whether it's a big or small things.Happy or Sad things.Doesn't matter.
The one that will make us feel so relief.and really comfortable to be with.The one that available for us most of the time, ready to hear our problems, willing to help us without expecting any reward.

That's what friend really is :)

But dont get it wrong, sometimes people tend to define bestfriend as
Yeah, they always be seen together.Eat together, go to class together, people may get it wrongly..haha.Typical people.But it doesn't matter, gay pom gay long we don't do anything that trouble others :D

Thanks for reading :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I love her!!

It's not a post for family,girlfriends or friends 
it's for someone who i really love to listen or watch
and i know her deeply even though she doesn't know me..isk3
nvm then.

So, who is the person that i'm referring to?
Actually she's an artist
and i'm in love with her voice, it's just too sweet and nice to be listened to

ok, lets straight to the point,

 Taylor Swift
 she's too hot..lalalala~

 Cover for Teen Vogue magazine

She has such a sweet face :)

 Sometimes look

One scene in Love Story video clip

 Isn't she adorable?

Taylor Swift with Carrie Underwood

and I really crazy bout this's so meaningful plus sorrowful
Back to December-CMA Award 2010

For those who dont really know and have no clue bout who
this hot girl is, lemme tell you in brief :D
Her long name is Taylor Alison Swift and she was born December 13, 1989) is an American country pop singer-songwriter, musician and actress.
i can believe she just a few months older than me!!
in her age she achieved so many great things(achievement)
it's more than 100!!wow
she got billboard bestselling,she won grammy, her album was sold worldwide over 33 millions copies..Man, it's unbelievable.
Her songwriting style is like a diary, it's all about story, sad things, happy things.You should listen her song, and you'll know why i really in love with her :)
 You must be familiar with her song and unique voice right?i dont believe if people doesn't know her.Absurd!lol
My first time when I listened to her is 'Love Story', since then,i started to attract by her cool lyric and voice adorable.

I got the job and i'm so fly

yeah,finally after i've waited for several days and my friend called me today,he's like upset for not getting the job but at 3.00pm Mr Adrian called us and 
welcome to Star Solution Company, i was like WOW..i got it ..i got it..

I'll start on 3rd march and need to find house to stay..yeah 'i'm a worker now'
haha..It was a good news to me today :)
I'll try my best to get salary as much as i can, my employer said during interview
'be greedy!!even though money is not everything but at the end of the day u still need money rite??
I should listen to him..haha

and i'm really so fly like a g6 now
i started to imagine to buy this and
but must remember to save some for my educational purpose..yeah..
think of the future Hafidz !!

Hmm, today also i've another good news
but of course it's secret..haha
i'm happy today and thanks to you :)


Monday, April 18, 2011

Home sweet home :)

Finally my ass sit on the right place, my hometown..yeah :)
My dad sent me to LRT station and it's so early in the morning..and i'm so sleepy at that moment
but what to do, I need to go back..miss my village :)
then I got my ticket on 10am,while waiting for the bus, I find a place to sit and saw one family,I guess they want to send their mother and sister, that family has two daughters , the big one(4-5 years old) and small one(7-8 months) The sister is so cute, she kissed her little sis many times with full of love and showed her geram(dont know the exact word in english), and it's so sweet of em'
I wish I could have daughter like that too :)
In the bus, I sat next to a guy(looks like indie guy)..who cares rite?
suddenly problem occured after 50 minutes trip started, bus broke down..oh shit man !!at that moment
i was like so sleepy and i said 'what the heck is happening'?
so,me and other passengers need to wait another bus to come and pick us..luckily,there was other bus!
At 6pm i reached to terminal :)

I felt so relieved.My aunt came to pick me up, and now I'm home :)
and today my result for interview..hope I can get the job.God please help me :|

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Going back :)

I'm going back..yeehaaa :)
it's tomorrow without any preparation

my bag still don't ready, other things..huh
but still wanna go back, i dont care
hope there'll be a ticket for me..pleaseeee
keep one for me..=.=

I think it's been a long long time i'm not going home
meet my family, quite miss em'
but when i meet em' i dont think i miss em'..haha..

Wish i'll be reached my destination safely :)

Goodbye people :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011


I just don't know what to say about that
It was a tough journey, it's like shit !!

I went to the interview place from Gombak with another friend
and you know the weather kinda jealous with us..huh sabo jela..
We through the rain and storm for the job, for our sake to fill our stomach..huhu
(kinda exaggerate)lol
But lastly, we managed to be there on time..gratefully..
and undergo some interview but not really interview actually
sort of conversation, not formal,just the cool one

and it was done, just hope for the call
and i can start on 2nd may 2011 for 4 months :)

hope i can make some new friends and girlfriends too..haha
so, stay cool hafidz..u'll get laid then..:)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Just go with it :)

I guess you must be know this story right??
or no?ooo, I just syok sendiri
okay, today i'm gonna talk bout this movie

'Just go with it' starring Adam sandler and Jennifer Aniston
It's comedy romantic genre
Actually,i've been wanting to watch it since I watched the trailer
bout a month ago, I know it'll be superb movie and it is !!
I'm so glad i've watched such a great movie 

The story potrays the life of Adam Sandler as a plastic surgeon 
which had worst experience with woman due to his look.
His wife-to-be cheat on him on the day they'll be married
is it sad right?
luckily he knows the truth before it'll be too late 
All the lie starts from that moment
he go to the bar after that and meet a girl and screw her up
by using his fake marriage story through his wedding ring
till one day, he meet a girl 23 years old
and think in love with her without noticing and realizing his true feeling to
her assistant Jennifer Aniston,a widow who have 2 kids

The rest you must watch it by yourself, 
one word bout this movie,Superb.
You guys should watch it !!

Happy holiday people :)

Haha, sounds happy plus crazy,
actually my vacation already started
after my last paper finished 2 days ago
but i'm kinda bored now, dont know what to do..hmm
yeah, i dont have friends to talk with, girlfriend to share my feeling with  :(
it's ok la..Now, i'm looking for a job
but still yet negative..huh!
Enough for that,
lemme tell something that i've done after my exam was done

Actually, it's my friend's birhday on 13th April
so as friends me and my friends planned something,
you know kinda suprise party..haha
so I started to text several close friends 
and done!!eventhough it wasn't vogue, but still meaningful yet suprising
we're throwing eggs and have some snacks after that,just so simple

I'm sure he'll reminiscing it till the end
you know, it's really great to have such friends
I mean friend that will be here when in need
But why someone still dont get it ..
I just dont understand
forget that..

I've snapped several pictures
since it was a happy day right

Besday Boy covered with EGGS

From behind

 Even though it wasn't his birthday but still got some side effect of

And lastly, we're together with unknown
hope, we can celebrate happening besday like this again n again

Bye..and happy holidays reader :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Things that I really wanted

Helloooo peeps,it's 4 a.m already but
still have no feel to sleep -___-
As i'm still alive, i mean in conscious and awake
i'd like to share with all of you three things that i badly wanted
for this 5 months vacation, just for this period ok !!
other things later :)

okay, the first thing is ....

I bet you must know what this thing is right??
haha,Iphone 4
Please someone buy this for me..:)
I guess many people want this right, it's one of
the greatest phone this time, got many applications,
games and many other awesome things..
I don't think it's a loss to spend 
over RM2000 for good things right?
 it's reasonable but not affordable :(

ok, now we move to the other thing,
no more phone,
DSLR camera..
since i love in photography and take others pix
but not mine
so,i think i need this..haha
not really need actually, but just as to fill my leisure time with
my friends said that i really have talent in photography,haha
dont laugh people it's true
so i think this thing will complete me badly :)
ok, now we move to the last thing
it's something that i already had but just different brand

Vaio laptop
mommy, i want this thing too
i owned acer but i'm not really have interest with this brand
i want vaio, but why vaio??
because it's so cute come with many colours..
and light too
like above thing which pink in colour
dont you think it's supercute??
i think so..

Therefore, it's the end of my story this time
i hope someone can grant my wish to have these thing
or at least one of these
haha..I dont think it'll come as gift 
so, people lets pray for me to successfully own these things
mode: desperate

Bye..and goodmorning :)