Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mode : Examination+Angry bird

Exam,exam, and exam..
Why on earth we need to face this thing..huh !!
why dont we just do the thing practically not on paper..
because in the real world, we dont need to memorize the thing that we've learned, just refer to the book right?
People said exam is to test someone's knowledge rite?I agreed that part,
but shouldn't put everything into piece of paper, yeah maybe some need 
practical but most of the thing, must be on paper !!
Most of successful people in the world not examination orientalised 
but they're more to practical
It's hard you know to remember thing, especially me as law student
need to memorize cases, principles, statutes ..really need a lot of reading..
I must be busted by the end of sem..

hmm, today is my first time i successfully installed game in my phone
before this i never put any games in it, that's why my friend said my phone 
is like 'boring' ..
haha, forget that thing, 
You know what's the game that i've installed??wanna know?

It's ...

I bet y'all must know the game rite??it's really famous and i wonder why people addicted to it and now i know the truth man..I'm addicted too !!!
I play it till i didn't realize the clock ticking and it showed 1 am..haha
This thing should be crazy or i'm instead?? whatever la..
and for those outside who game addict should try this ok !!

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