Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I got the job and i'm so fly

yeah,finally after i've waited for several days and my friend called me today,he's like upset for not getting the job but at 3.00pm Mr Adrian called us and 
welcome to Star Solution Company, i was like WOW..i got it ..i got it..

I'll start on 3rd march and need to find house to stay..yeah 'i'm a worker now'
haha..It was a good news to me today :)
I'll try my best to get salary as much as i can, my employer said during interview
'be greedy!!even though money is not everything but at the end of the day u still need money rite??
I should listen to him..haha

and i'm really so fly like a g6 now
i started to imagine to buy this and that..lol
but must remember to save some for my educational purpose..yeah..
think of the future Hafidz !!

Hmm, today also i've another good news
but of course it's secret..haha
i'm happy today and thanks to you :)