Thursday, April 14, 2011

Happy holiday people :)

Haha, sounds happy plus crazy,
actually my vacation already started
after my last paper finished 2 days ago
but i'm kinda bored now, dont know what to do..hmm
yeah, i dont have friends to talk with, girlfriend to share my feeling with  :(
it's ok la..Now, i'm looking for a job
but still yet negative..huh!
Enough for that,
lemme tell something that i've done after my exam was done

Actually, it's my friend's birhday on 13th April
so as friends me and my friends planned something,
you know kinda suprise party..haha
so I started to text several close friends 
and done!!eventhough it wasn't vogue, but still meaningful yet suprising
we're throwing eggs and have some snacks after that,just so simple

I'm sure he'll reminiscing it till the end
you know, it's really great to have such friends
I mean friend that will be here when in need
But why someone still dont get it ..
I just dont understand
forget that..

I've snapped several pictures
since it was a happy day right

Besday Boy covered with EGGS

From behind

 Even though it wasn't his birthday but still got some side effect of

And lastly, we're together with unknown
hope, we can celebrate happening besday like this again n again

Bye..and happy holidays reader :)


  1. hahaha..sdeh gler muke besday boy 2..
    nsb bek aku xkne cmni..:p

  2. haha,biase la leen jantan kan :)