Thursday, April 14, 2011

Just go with it :)

I guess you must be know this story right??
or no?ooo, I just syok sendiri
okay, today i'm gonna talk bout this movie

'Just go with it' starring Adam sandler and Jennifer Aniston
It's comedy romantic genre
Actually,i've been wanting to watch it since I watched the trailer
bout a month ago, I know it'll be superb movie and it is !!
I'm so glad i've watched such a great movie 

The story potrays the life of Adam Sandler as a plastic surgeon 
which had worst experience with woman due to his look.
His wife-to-be cheat on him on the day they'll be married
is it sad right?
luckily he knows the truth before it'll be too late 
All the lie starts from that moment
he go to the bar after that and meet a girl and screw her up
by using his fake marriage story through his wedding ring
till one day, he meet a girl 23 years old
and think in love with her without noticing and realizing his true feeling to
her assistant Jennifer Aniston,a widow who have 2 kids

The rest you must watch it by yourself, 
one word bout this movie,Superb.
You guys should watch it !!

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