Monday, April 18, 2011

Home sweet home :)

Finally my ass sit on the right place, my hometown..yeah :)
My dad sent me to LRT station and it's so early in the morning..and i'm so sleepy at that moment
but what to do, I need to go back..miss my village :)
then I got my ticket on 10am,while waiting for the bus, I find a place to sit and saw one family,I guess they want to send their mother and sister, that family has two daughters , the big one(4-5 years old) and small one(7-8 months) The sister is so cute, she kissed her little sis many times with full of love and showed her geram(dont know the exact word in english), and it's so sweet of em'
I wish I could have daughter like that too :)
In the bus, I sat next to a guy(looks like indie guy)..who cares rite?
suddenly problem occured after 50 minutes trip started, bus broke down..oh shit man !!at that moment
i was like so sleepy and i said 'what the heck is happening'?
so,me and other passengers need to wait another bus to come and pick us..luckily,there was other bus!
At 6pm i reached to terminal :)

I felt so relieved.My aunt came to pick me up, and now I'm home :)
and today my result for interview..hope I can get the job.God please help me :|

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