Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I love her!!

It's not a post for family,girlfriends or friends 
it's for someone who i really love to listen or watch
and i know her deeply even though she doesn't know me..isk3
nvm then.

So, who is the person that i'm referring to?
Actually she's an artist
and i'm in love with her voice, it's just too sweet and nice to be listened to

ok, lets straight to the point,

 Taylor Swift
 she's too hot..lalalala~

 Cover for Teen Vogue magazine

She has such a sweet face :)

 Sometimes look bitchy..lol

One scene in Love Story video clip

 Isn't she adorable?

Taylor Swift with Carrie Underwood

and I really crazy bout this song..it's so meaningful plus sorrowful
Back to December-CMA Award 2010

For those who dont really know and have no clue bout who
this hot girl is, lemme tell you in brief :D
Her long name is Taylor Alison Swift and she was born December 13, 1989) is an American country pop singer-songwriter, musician and actress.
i can believe she just a few months older than me!!
in her age she achieved so many great things(achievement)
it's more than 100!!wow
she got billboard bestselling,she won grammy, her album was sold worldwide over 33 millions copies..Man, it's unbelievable.
Her songwriting style is like a diary, it's all about story, sad things, happy things.You should listen her song, and you'll know why i really in love with her :)
 You must be familiar with her song and unique voice right?i dont believe if people doesn't know her.Absurd!lol
My first time when I listened to her is 'Love Story', since then,i started to attract by her cool lyric and voice ..so adorable.


  1. I minat osman kering. Buat la post pasal beliau pulak :p

  2. sheeqa, xmo2..saya xmnat beliau, nak Abon!!