Saturday, April 9, 2011


It's 6.21 a.m when I write this
If you refer to my blog post title, i wrote Secret right?
I bet y'all must be thinking of my secret right??haha
or I'm too perasan
Actually I want to tell something secret and shouldn't be revealed but
I still wanna say it..

I was at somewhere near Gombak when I heard this secret
and of course it's something that made me feel like
OMG, you're asshole !! (just my mode)
The said story told by one of my besties
and of course i've honest believe in him,
when I heard the story, indirectly i started to think 
about that person and her kindness since i know her, it was lie,big lie.
oh god, please i can't accept this
even though it's not a really big matter
but dont you (refer to that person) feel ashamed to do something(or in correct word, use) to get the benefit of another??
yeah maybe it's common if the thing is not involving feeling of a person
but when it comes to that, you'll find out that it's something urghhhhhh..

I dont know what else i need to say bout that
hmm, i hope she'll understand what's the meaning of friend really about



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