Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Actually, i don't have any idea to write something
but all of a sudden this word come across my mind
so, i'm gonna write something bout it. You wanna call me 'jiwang'
or whatever ?i'm cool.lalalalala~

what is love?can we defines love?
Hmm, actually it has various definition, in various context
one defines love is different from the others
it covers many aspects
and if i wanna talk about it deeply, my age doesn't enough to cover that thing

You can see many quotations,books,journals and whatsoever
that discuss about love. But most of it referring to love between a man and woman.

Lot of sayings you can find in the internet
such as :

'We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly. '

'Love is giving someone the power to destroy you...but trusting them not to. '

'Last night I looked up and matched each star with a reason why I love you; I was doing great, until I ran out of stars.'

There are many of em' that you'll discover later.

Why on earth i give a damn to write all this things?

Maybe because i'm in love and I just want to share my happiness, my feeling
to others, yeah I think that is the point.

I've mentioned name of the girl that I'm in love with right?
so, today i just want to share something bout my feeling since I met her.

We both in the same course 'Laws' and we're from Nilai foundation. But we never meet each other in Nilai. I don't know her and her as well. So, nothing happened in Nilai.

So, we just straight to IIUM Gombak. Our first sem, i didn't really remember..
as i'm in different stream. Maybe i've recognized her face and know she's a law student but never ever know her name. Yeah,not interested maybe cos my memories with my ex is still there. Cut about ex things.
Back to the story, it started in 2nd sem when we both have several subjects together.From that moment, I knew her name, and able to recognize if we meet somewhere.
But we're not that close, just as classmate. The moment that we started to close was in BMP class~
I'm kinda 'gila2' person so easy to get close with anyone.
From that moment we started to comment each other in Facebook, actually me.haha~Just for fun..:)
Later we chat each other~also for fun
and I found she's kinda can get along person
nice to be friend with you (at that moment la)

Then we've mock trial together
so,more close. But not really close la :) you know, biasa2 jelah.

Then we done with our exam, but there's no feeling at all from that moment
My mind said 'Nak try kan takot da ad boyfrend'
so, i just set aside that thing

So, now we enter into most crucial part..haha
actually, it started on FB..we chat each other, like I said before
really comfortable to chat with, maybe coz we share the same

I don't know all of a sudden I felt to ask her number. and I asked.
Got both her numbers. I started to text her.and it was positive.:)
Her boyfriend?I guess dont

Since then, I'm falling.Awwww~
We started to know each other better
we found some similarities in each other
and texting each other all day long.
It's so heaven.
From 'like' it became 'love'
and now lover.
Maybe it's quite fast, but we can't help the feeling
of falling into the sweetness of love.
Just pray for us to be happy together :)

Love ya always


  1. hahaha..adela ina, i bet u know :)

  2. alaaaaa............sape. nanti ina cari siapa kelas BMP sekali dgn Bo. ermmm ! :D