Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Just a few more days.

It's already tuesday 
only few more days before I leave my hometown, my village
my family...sob3~
yeah, as you already know I got offer from Star Solution 
and I'm gonna take that offer and start working on 3rd May

But the problem is, I still can't find any place to stay.Damn.
I'm looking forward a house or room maybe in Damansara or Sungai Buloh,
even Gombak also doesn't be a matter for me.I'm cool.

So, anybody got idea to solve my problem ??help me~ -___-'

What else ya,
Actually, I want to share some good news and behind the good
must be kinda not really good news to be inserted.

The good is I found a girl who at first just my classmate but later turned to be
my soulmate, isn't it romantic? nope?ok.Fine.
Her name is Susilawati bin Salleh.A girl of course, and a real girl :)

other info?hmm.That's all la, not necessarily to tell the whole damn story here ok..:)

About the so called not a good story behind that is, I don't really understand why people should be jealous?or create some not nice story about me till it almost ruins my relationship.Damn bitch.

Could you please shut up!and just pray for my happiness?can't you?
Why on earth people like you exist.Shit!

You just spoil my mood. Fuck off!

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  1. ala bo...mestila aku jelez...dulu ko layan aku..ko bagi aku harapan..rupe2nye konk kt kawan aku..sampai ati ko bo..sampai ati...sob3 :'(