Sunday, April 10, 2011

Things that I really wanted

Helloooo peeps,it's 4 a.m already but
still have no feel to sleep -___-
As i'm still alive, i mean in conscious and awake
i'd like to share with all of you three things that i badly wanted
for this 5 months vacation, just for this period ok !!
other things later :)

okay, the first thing is ....

I bet you must know what this thing is right??
haha,Iphone 4
Please someone buy this for me..:)
I guess many people want this right, it's one of
the greatest phone this time, got many applications,
games and many other awesome things..
I don't think it's a loss to spend 
over RM2000 for good things right?
 it's reasonable but not affordable :(

ok, now we move to the other thing,
no more phone,
DSLR camera..
since i love in photography and take others pix
but not mine
so,i think i need this..haha
not really need actually, but just as to fill my leisure time with
my friends said that i really have talent in photography,haha
dont laugh people it's true
so i think this thing will complete me badly :)
ok, now we move to the last thing
it's something that i already had but just different brand

Vaio laptop
mommy, i want this thing too
i owned acer but i'm not really have interest with this brand
i want vaio, but why vaio??
because it's so cute come with many colours..
and light too
like above thing which pink in colour
dont you think it's supercute??
i think so..

Therefore, it's the end of my story this time
i hope someone can grant my wish to have these thing
or at least one of these
haha..I dont think it'll come as gift 
so, people lets pray for me to successfully own these things
mode: desperate

Bye..and goodmorning :)

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