Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hey mid break!

Mid break just officially started for me since i got no class today
Several tests done but still some left. Rasanya ada 4-5 tests lagi yg xsettle. I think it's quite sometime since the last time i update this blog. Actually, i dont have any idea what to do with blog anymore, kinda lost interest.
Maybe after this you can rarely see me writing here, there will be some but when i got mood to do so.

So, what else to update?
Yeah, i'm single and available.
Currently 3rd year in degree of law IIUM
and i'm 22, i'm going 23. Damn, i hate feeling old.

About relationship, before this not so long i used to have this one girl like quite special
she's kind, but quite mystery.
What's the mystery?
Just let it be hidden. Maybe that mystery has made our relationship sunk. Maybe.
Actually, i'm kinda miss her. I want to talk to her, but I just cant. Maybe it's the best for us, for you.

hahaha, what the hell i'm talking about, just forget it.
bye people all around the world. (: