Thursday, January 19, 2012

I'm a lil bit bored

okay friends,
i'm a lil bit bored
I don't have things to do, enough friends to loiter around
enough money to spend on..
these things drive me crazy britney's

ok, enough with that crap..
final exam finished and i'm officially done with my 2 year 1st sem..
yipii..but still tonnes of things waiting..malas betol..

so for these hols, i guess i'm gonna spend it on  watching movies, hik2..
TV series..esp korean..even though i'm not so into korean things but the girls ..marvellous..i love to see their cute face..and their nice body too (pervert)

and maybe i've plan to go to somewhere, just wait and see..

Until we meet again, see ya..

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