Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Try to make it comfortable

Hello and happy new year once again
it's already late but my eyes still widely open :D
hmmm,today i've my first ILS tutor since i converted from shariah to civil
my class so far so good, got new friends, and all of them are awesome
sume boley masuk la,
but today also i became the only man in the class as my friend didn't came
wuwu, and i was like statue in the class, full of women ,oh shitt!!
naseb baik la ,keadaan terkawal :D
i got few new friends ,of course all girl ,nice and active
tergugat aku kengkadang, need to put more effort and hardwork
need to compete, xkan nk biar jantan kalah, x macho la..
tomorrow got class at 9 ,gtg 
ok la, dont know what else wanna say ,c ya babe !!

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