Thursday, February 3, 2011

Move on

Yeah ,I should!! I have to move on
Nothing much I could say ,as she's not the one 
but it's ok ,i'm gonna be okay (actually i dont mind it either)
Lantak pi lah..
Now ,I'm bout to find someone new
not like before ,but much better
I should find conscientiously ,not just like pick up
from anywhere
She's hot ,so she's the one
She's cool ,so i've to pick her
I really dont understand my taste at all
at one time I want like this ,but another time I want like that
oh God ,what's goin' on to me ???
I really bother this thing with my life 
but I like it ,xkisah la..
Lelaki mmg camnie suka berubah ,hmm
and i'm one of a kind 
it's not really ok for me for being such asshole
I dont want people to hate me because of my attitude
because of my behaviour
I'll try to change ,but I can't make it now
maybe till I really found someone that suits me better
can fill the emptiness of my soul
can be someone who complete me 
sure, the time will come
and the one will appear
dont worry Hafidz ,sure u can do it ,yeah pretty sure :)

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