Saturday, February 26, 2011

Happy Birthday for me :)

I'm 21 
lol ,so i can go to the club ,drink liquor and etc
just kidding :)
at the new age ,i hope i can be more matured ,and cool
haha, as my new age came of course there were something happened
both good and bad things
i tell you the good one first , emm
what actually the good things that i got huh ??
let me think..yeah ,i remember it now ,presents ,wishes, and some other things
for my birthday i'd like to potray my special thanks to my friends both old and new ,some other unknown people which i considered as friend and those who are not forget my birthday :)
For this special ocassion,i got bread with 2 candles on top of it ,thanks to yan 
i got shinchan keychain, thanks to farid ,big apple and card, thanks a lot Attia ,it's so tasty ,i'd like to have another one for my next birthday *take note
pillow from Ish ,i'll not tell anyone bout that secret..haha
Mug from tasha and shida ,topman t-shirt,movie,thanks a lot dyana sharif, and bowling with shamira ,thanks to you
..i love all of you guys 
For the bad things ,emm
it's so heavy to tell the story ,but it's just a story right
there's one girl who seems not really satisfied with me, maybe because i've condemn her before ,my bad..and i'm so sorry ,that's all i can say
up to you to accept my apology or not

I got class tomorrow ,need to rest babe ..c ya :)

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