Friday, December 10, 2010

Goodbye Hometown :'(

Once again, have to leave my hometown
actually I dont give a damn bout hometown, but home actually
even it's really a boring time in here, but I kind of like it
as stay together with my family, usik-usik adik, makan banyak-banyak :)
so then my new semester will start and me carry a mountain hope 
of my parents and me as well 
huh!i'll try my best mama, abah !!
next sem, i'll change my LLb.S to LLb 
meaning i change from shariah to civil
i dont think i can survive in shariah, i want to forget arab
i'm not good enough at it
and i'm done with it
sorry arabic language, i've to dissapoint you , :'(
tonight, 10 pm i'll leave 
and goodbye family, see you soon
friends,lecturers and gombak here i come ,yeahh!!(reluctantly quote)

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