Monday, December 6, 2010

the social network

Recently,ade la I download one movie nie titled 'the social network'
before this I ada suruh member I download coz prob cket ari2,but now da ok and da siap tgok lagi :D
Actually,movie nie is about the journey of Mark Zuckerberg inventing Facebook, problems pertaining that and byk lagi la.. so sape2 x taw cmne Facebook was established, I suggest to watch this.
But overall this story, quite boring.Seriously. Adela certain2 part yang best kot(even not really) tapi ok lah..Citer nie actually flashback and sometimes back to the present times,quite confusing for those who watched, and citer nie mmg xssuai tuk pasangan2 yang hangat bercinta,not romantic .
aktor dan aktres lam citer nie pom not really familiar except justin timberlake.
Durasi citer nie agak panjang mencecah 2 jam dan memang not really interesting story la.

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Done with the post ,so bagi mereka-mereka yg da tgok citer nie, maybe U have different opinions, so terpulang pada kamu semua la cmne nak menilai, selera manusia bukan sama kan :D


  1. I didnt think that the story is a really boring one, but there's still some interesting parts,plus it show to us bout some positive and negative effects of this stuff. But it's just my opinion, like u said,up to the viewers how they view it in their own world.

  2. mmg menyusahkn.. da la srh ak dload.. pastu cite haram jadah x best..