Monday, December 6, 2010

The day~full of sorrow

Dont know where to start,but quite dissapointed
today, I think y'all knew that. Hmmm~
I really think of pass the exam, just pass..laen2 belakang kira.
but what i got,hampeh..
repeat one paper, pointer like shit
but what can i do now
it's already in past, no more regret Hafidz!!
there's nothing to regret ,we live in present not in past
so keep continue what in present and let the past be the past
I should think positive, no more negative
Hope I can get spirit to study next sem and have more determination to continue
what I start
LLB, here I come with new me maybe :D


  1. amoi sukenye amik llb..make sure all subjects score A la ek next sem..:)

  2. hehe,xdela suka pom.bese2 jek..
    insyaAllah sy berusaha kak:D