Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sampai :D

reached gombak safely :D
to get here, kinda sucks
sbb tertido, missed stesen Putra, and lost to Shah Alam
but i made it to Gombak, selepas berhempas pulas ,wuaa3
RM10 flew away begitu saje 
pay to taxi driver, cekik darah btol cam haram
around 8, i got my ass here

then,balik2 mahallah office pulak xbukak
so didn't get room key
reluctantly duk bilik sham,
xsampai 1/2 jam take a rest
straight way to JOMHEBOH ,just bought some stuffs
and foods
me likey :D
so now already in Gombak and hope it's start of something 
new and positive , amin.