Saturday, July 9, 2011

I will miss all of you..especially YOU :)

Hello people all around the world!
Only now I got time to write something
yeah,now I'm jobless as I left Telekom Malaysia,but it's okay!

FYI,I got new job as Marketing Executive ..sounds cool huh?lol
Me and my friends kinda tired of our old job, so it's the time to move on
and I'm quite happy with my decision even though I have to left someone 

Someone .lol :)

I never write bout this girl to you 
She's one year older than me
and the interesting part is ..
she's not malay..

I love her..her chinese face, big sweet :)

I think my post recently I never upload any pictures 
so I feel to upload one maybe..or several :)

I think that's all ..see yaa !

My cool buddies :)

Another buddies on the other side

Me and mine :)

Almost last day..It's friday :)

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