Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Raya with friends

I think it's quite a while since  my last post available in English
so today i think i'm gonna write something in English, yeah
I left English for few months and I guess it's getting worse..haha

Just forget it, the main thing here is i just wanna write something bout 
Eid with friends..
Like past years, me and my friend will celebrate Raya together, we go to another friend's house, we walk around etc.
But for this year, no friend's house as one of my friend not home, so we decided to go to our former teacher's house on Raya fifth.
We were convoy by car and motorcycles.

But before that we were gathering at school forecourt and posed for pictures. 

Looks like i'm a bad apple here...haha (:

It just the beginning.So than we keep travelling and travelling to our teacher's house. Three of em'. I don't wanna explain more so let's have a look to more pictures (:

I just have two pics, so that's it. I think this raya more merrier than the past coz i got some friends came by. But as we get older of course it's a bit different. Duit raya not much, feel lazy to visit our neighbours etc. Whatever it is, Selamat Hari Raya (:

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