Monday, February 11, 2013

2 big events of my life.

Assalamualaikum semua (:

It's quite sometimes since my last update. Sorry guys, malas cket, bukan ada apa nk tulis pom.
But actually, there were many events since my last post. Rasanya before this, i had mentioned about my younger sister getting married right? and it was happening ln 25th january 2013. She was married to her fiance. The wedding was like ordinary kampung style, nothing grand, But the thing was many people came over, especially my sister's friends. I can say that it was happening. Since my dad was not a 'tuan rumah' (because he lives in KL) so it was my responsibility to meet people, shook hand with them, and the most interesting part was every single time i shook hand with people, there was some gift (money actually) either in sampul or not. I can feel my baju melayu pocket was getting bigger with the money. How much? adelah. haha. I dont know if the custom was practiced elsewhere. Tok kadi arrived at 9.30 am and we have to wait for the groom to come, around 9.45 am they came, with rombongan and hantaran. With 2 times lafaz, my sister, Siti Saliha binti Mohd Nasir was lawfully and legally married to Shariful Hisharuddin. ( I dont know the father's name, sorry). I can see my sister was quite happy, the tears dropped from her eyes. Then photography session was opened to everybody. 
Thanks for everyone who came on that day. Much appreciated!

On the next day, there was kenduri on groom side, as the custom applied, the groom's family will come and take the bride to their home. I can see my sister a little bit sad, she was no longer lived there with my mom. She was now belong to her husband. I understand the sadness, but sooner or later she will be married to someone. A few days after the marriage, i talked to her, and she said it was different from our house before, new bedroom, new toilet, new this and that, she just not used to it. You will, soon. I wish her happy with her husband, i knew my bro in law can take care of her, i have faith in him. He's a good man, luckily he's not like me. (If you know what i mean) haha.

And there are some pictures from the wedding. (:

From left: Groom, my dad, bride, my youngest sister, and me. (i dont even know who the hell is that kid. lol)

After akad nikah.

From left: The groom's mom, groom,bride and my mom.  

That was just part of the story, another thing that happened was my first time bagpacking with my cousin to Penang. I never been there, but what i can say the place got so many interesting places. I just got no time to go to all the places. But it was fun to be there even for a short period. I went there the next day after kenduri on groom's side. I went there with my former spm candidate cousin. I never step my foot in north peninsular, and that was the first time. The first stop was Butterworth. We reached Penang Sentral around 5 am, the original plan was to send my younger sister to Kolej Matrikulasi Pulau Pinang. And we went to KMPP by prebet sapu, RM 25. I cant remember the name of the driver, but his driving skill was mad. He was around 50++ old man (or maybe 60, i dont know). Even me cant drive that fast and crazy. We reached KMPP early and my sister had showed us around. We had our breakfast and it was cheap for sure compared to UIAM. Around 9 am we (only me and my cousin) started our journey, first thing we bought some t-shirts for souvenirs near to Kompleks Dato' Kailan. The t-shirts were nice and cheap as shit! I bought 6 of them. At that morning, i had to listen to the owner's blabbering to his employee. The employee was a girl, i can see she got a bad attitude, she wasnt really committed to her job. That was why the tauke got really mad at this girl. Poor that old chinese tauke. That girl was a little more to belen. (Google if you dont what belen is). My taste? not really, but i met one in penang. i told the story later. (:

So done with a little bit of shopping. From bus stop at Kompleks Dato' Kailan, we went to Penang Sentral and ready to cross the water. Next Stop was, Bukit Bendera (Penang Hill). That was my first time for me and my cousin and we were really excited to see what was the attraction in Penang. I can say the ferry, bukit bendera were fun but there was another thing that really fun, to eat nasi kandar. haha. Original from penang. We can go to other place but in Penang, there are so many of them. Sorry for jump the story, where were we? oh, bukit bendera. From Jetty,we took bus to bukit bendera and arrived there around one hour later. What i can say about penang that moment was, the road. The road was really small and buses and cars used that road as main road. That was the reason why the road a little bit jam. Forget about that.
So, the bukit bendera was okay. Nothing interesting. But you can see almost the whole seberang prai from the top of the mountain. You can see the penang bridge which is one of the longest bridge in the world. I took several pictures there. The place was nice. To enter bukit bendera, RM 8 for citizen, student RM 4 (bring your student card) RM 30 for foreigners. I think the price was not bad. Then you will take a small train to go up there, and usually it will be crowded with people. On the top of the place, there was one cafe, owl museum. At first, i thought it was a museum because we need to pay to enter that place. As soon as i enter the place, it was a cafe with many restaurants, in my heart i said to myself, there must be museum full with owl downstairs, so we went downstairs and founded out that there was no museum, only shops which sell souvenirs. We had been deceived by the name. Why on the earth you should put the name 'owl museum'? What i can say the price for food was standard for the exclusive place like that. But we cant smoke at that place. just stop there.

around 5 o'clock we left bukit bendera and headed to jetty to find a place to stay. We had found 1 small hotel (if you can consider it as hotel) Rm 50 per night, check out at 12 pm. The room was so nice. but no television. but that was okay and more than enough for two of us. The place was near to jetty. It near to one bar. I didn't remember the name. we rest and then find a place to eat. We chose one nasi kandar restaurant. People said it will be a loss to come to penang without tasting how delicious nasi kandar is. So we had ours that night. And the night was over after that, we didn't have any idea what to do and where to go. What we need was tour guide to show us the uniqueness (i just made up the word) of penang.

We woke up the next morning and packed our things to check out from the hotel and headed to Queensbay mall. But before that we had our lunch not far from our hotel. We order 4 roti canai kosong and 2 teh tarik, suprisingly we got sardin as kuah not kari or dal as usual roti canai style. I thought maybe it was custom in here to eat roti canai with sardin. What more suprise was when i headed to counter and pay, total was Rm 12. What the hell!! Teh tarik for two is RM2, so roti canai was RM 10 altogether, fuck man. Luckily i got money. I swear i wont eat sardin with roti canai anymore at any stalls. That was second lie since i stepped my foot in penang. But i can see anak mami, wow, really cute. Other than anak mami as well cute. i really love to listen to their dialect, utara dialect. it really turns me on. I dont know why, but that's the truth. I love utara girls. They're really sociable. i wish i can found one for myself. (:

To shorten my story, we headed to queensbay mall. It was so big. I never thought it will be as big as this. I wish terengganu had one. So i can hang out and flirting around. haha. We arrived there, so early and many shops still closed. So we walked around and finally we decided to go for karaoke. haha. What a loser. But what i can say the price was really cheap. RM 26 for 2 persons. we entered the place at 11.20 and finished at 3.00 pm. we had been karaoke for almost 4 hours. and just two of us. That was fantastic and tiring. Neway karaoke was the place. RM 26 includes two free frink, two foods, and 2 soups. You can choose on your own. It was worthy. Done with karaoke, we walked around a little bit and surprisingly i met one of my friend. We chit chatted and then we left for butterworth. Our ticket was on 9 pm. Before we left penang, i bought jeruk pak ali. i spent almost RM 100 for that. haha. i really love that jeruk especially salak. It is so yummy.

Oh, before i forgot. I met this one girl at a restaurant. She's a waiter. I think the restaurant belong to her father. What i wanted to say was, she was cute. Not super cute where everyone could attracted to but as for me, she was really attracting me. I really love that face. I still remember that look. Innocent village girl. I did one mistake, i didnt ask her number. I wasnt brave enough. But the thing was, my cousin told me that he saw the way she looked at me, the way i eat. i didnt noticed because she was behind me. I lost one chance to know a girl because of i didnt take any action. Poor me. Why my cousin didnt told me sooner? if it was sooner..Just forget it. Oh my god it already past midnight. i guess this is my longest post ever. before i put an end to the writing, i'd like to show some pictures of me in penang. haha. okay bye. (:

My cousin.

Me in ferry for the first time. The adrenaline was so high.

Cute me. Haha.

At bukit bendera.

My non fotogenic cousin. haha.

Nice shot.

At kuil. I met so many hindu sculpture.

Right in front of kuil. (:

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