Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Backpacking Trip to Koh Samui Thailand. Part 1.

Hi everyone. Happy 2016.

I think 3 years has lapsed since my last post. (I just checked it was feb, 2013). Very long time. 

Many things happened throughout the period, good and bad. sad and happy. All of them gave me a very good lesson and experiencesLike people said, experience is the best teacher. (:

Done with introduction. It's not the main thing to be discussed actually. Just see the topic. lol.

It has been 3 weeks since i came back to Malaysia from Samui, Thailand, and I think the place was very beautiful. Nice place to go.

This backpacking trip was planned months earlier. Me and my friends at first, decided to go on vacation on X'mas because there were 2 days off where 24th of December is Prophet Muhammad S.A.W birthday. So, we just need to apply leave from office only one day and we got 24,25,26,27, and 28 (5 days for holidays)

Backpacking trip was quite challenging but fun. We never know what might be coming ahead. The key is to have idea where you're going and have some back up plan and never ever be shy to ask.

A month before our trip to Koh Samui, Thailand, we already booked hotels (2 hotels, as we stay in different places) and bus ticket to Hatyai.

Plus, we also made our own itinerary from the day we depart until the day we reach KL. (Please plan it properly and have back up plan as well). We also made some calculations for expenses in there. 

Well it is better for you to settle whatever you can before you go to Samui (or any other place) it will be easier for you.

Hotel -You can book it first (I book it a month earlier). The time we go is peak season (well it's x/mas), so it would be difficult to check in straightway without any booking.

Transportation- If you wish to go by flight, you can book it through air asia, MAS or firefly.

The differences between these 3 airlines are:-
(only if you wish to go to Samui)
Air Asia- U can check online for promo or subscribes for their newsletter to get  news update regarding their promo straight to your email. (If you don't mind spending money on transportation u can ignore the promo, and straightway book the flight on any day you wish to go)

But if you fly with Air Asia, you wouldn't reach to Samui directly, you will be arrived at Surat Thani and from there, you need to take ferry about 1 hour and you will be in Samui. Simple isn't it?

MAS/Firefly- What i can say, the ticket is quite pricy. RM1,000+/- roundtrip. But, only both of them have flight ticket directly to Samui.

For those who prefer to take bus and going on adventurous journey, you can choose any bus to Hatyai. It's cheaper but time consuming. ( I would prefer by flight if I got cheap price).

But you must remember that it's quite exhausting and challenging to travel by bus, because you might miss your scheduled plan. (I'll tell you later, why?)

Another important thing is to always check the currency. By the time we convert our money to Thai Baht, THB 100 = RM 12.20, it's quite expensive compared to early of 2015 where THB 100 = RM 10.00 only (what a suprise).It's such a waste actually, if before this you convert RM1,000.00, you can get THB 10,000 but now in order to get THB 10,000, u need to pay RM 1,220.00. (Extra RM 220.00), there's a lot of thing you can do with RM 220.00 (Shopping, massage, ehem2 -lol) What we can do now is just pray that our RM will be getting better. So, we can travel more and more.

Huh, it's just introduction. A lot more coming. See you in next part.



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