Friday, March 4, 2011

Contract ,done !!

Assignments and presentation regarding contract 2 were done by me and my friends succesfully~yeay ,congratz to RafiQ and AfiQ my awesome colleagues :)
Done with that but still a lot of jobs to do ,Mock Trial ,Tort Test ,ILS assignments ,huh ,surely a tough job ,really !!
This week ,I got food poisoning ,and my stomach felt like hell ,oh God !!
Toilet became my 2nd Home !!
I puked and frequently went in and out of toilet ,
lost appetite and my body became like weak
Thanks to FaruQ cafe for making me like this ,damn 
Luckily,it wasn't too bad as i recovered already
even not fully ,but still not have appetite ,:(
maybe later it'll be okay ,thanks to Sara for your caringness when i'm not really well,and others too :)
Plus in this week ,many classes i've skipped, because of my stomach and overslept ,plus really lazy to study this week ,oh lord ,what has happened to me??(padahal diri sendiri malas)
I feel like to write something but I dont have any idea ,so need to stop here
waiting for another ideas to come ,see yaaa (:

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