Monday, March 14, 2011


All of us must have dream right??
So do I ,but I have so many dreams 
I keep changing it till I dont have any clue 
what I'm gonna turn into when I grow up (pretending child)lol
But my ultimate dream that I dont really give up to is to be a rich guy ever !!
I guess all of the peeps around the world have the same dream as me ,
Being a rich man is like wow !!everybody wants that ,have so much money 
buy all the things that ever cross on our mind ,live with style ,collect classy cars,
partying all day long ,really like to enjoy life to the fullest it can be ,it must be awesome ..
To achieve that of course, there's lot of obstacles, distractions till we finally  give up everything and leave the dream unfulfilled ,poor guy 
Absolutely, it's easy just easy to stay and talk rather than put that into action ,
but believe me that kind of talk quite motivate ,but just can give the spirit to encourage us to do this and that ,but the one who should done this is ourselves,
We can read all the books and materials to give us some motivation but the true motivation come from us ,indeed !!

Oh god ,my writing kinda dr.Fadzilah Kamsah ,haha 
quite deviates ,nevermind ,hope this will be a lesson for others :)
There's something that i'd like to say about being a human ,
No matter how nice we are ,how bad we're acting there must be person who dissatisfy with us ,who??must be someone !!
We can't please everybody, but we can please ourselves by being what we really want to be, ignore people ,be ourselves ,Fuck em' all ,hell yeah's true
we were born this way !!

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