Thursday, March 10, 2011

Done with tort !!HAPPY

Now the clock is ticking showing that it's getting late
and it's the time for sleep ,but who cares !!
haha ,just want to start my post with something unusual :)
Today the test done ,ok??hmmm ,ok lah kot..haha
I managed to answer well ,even not really well
but still not bad :)
After test I saw her wearing yellow shirt ,so simple but i still like it :)
just forget bout it ,
I went out with Anas and Bell ,thanks to Bell for treating us chicken wing and shisha ,sayang ko Bell ,haha
I feel dizzy ,but still dont wanna sleep ,I'm not used to as it's still early man
I got class tomorrow morning ,dont feel like to go :( so lazy i am now ,it's the end of this sem ,no wonder i feel so ,but still have several assignments need to be submitted ,go hafidz ,u can do it..
what else haa??
nothing much to say ,enough for this time ,see yaa !!

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